Policies and Procedures

Effective Fall 2016

The Student Assessment of Instruction is composed of nineteen questions. Eight original questions (Q1, Q2, Q8, Q9, Q10, Q12, Q13, & Q15) were established by Chancellor’s Memorandum, CM-95-06. The remaining eleven questions were designed by FIU.

By the sixth week of the Fall and Spring semesters, the instructor information in PantherSoft must reflect correct course information.

1. After the sixth week of the Fall, Spring and Summer C semesters and the third week of Summer A & B, the following items will be generated:

  • All courses with component C (Class Lecture) or L (Lab) that have an enrollment greater than three will be considered eligible for assessment.
  • Courses with component O (Other) and enrollment greater than three will also be considered eligible for assessment if their Catalog Number ends between 920 and 939 (e.g., 4920, 6936, 5939). These Catalog Numbers correspond to "Colloquiums/Symposiums/Workshops" and "Special Topics/Seminars".
  • A list of all courses to be included in the assessment process by faculty within the department (retrieved through SharePoint)
  • A course assessment header sheet for each class section and faculty member
  • A set of labels for each class section and faculty member

Courses not eligible for assessment:

  • Courses who are reported as dynamic “DYN” sessions, with the exception of the Winter Mini-Term
  • Courses with an enrollment of three or less
  • Courses with components other than C (Class Lecture) or L (Lab)

The course assessment header sheet will be used in the scanning process to ensure that all course evaluation forms are posted for the appropriate course and faculty member. To see the information included in the header sheet, click the following link: Sample Header Sheet

Do not distribute header sheets to students. They serve as a title page for each course and each course submitted for scanning must have ONE. Do not make your own header sheets or alter them in any way. If you feel that you have a course that should have received a header sheet but didn’t, please first verify the course data within PantherSoft, confirming it has met the eligibility criteria prior to contacting Institutional Research.

2. All college liaisons will be notified when the header sheets and labels are available for pick-up at our office located in PC 543. College/Schools that are located in BBC will have their evaluation packets delivered through interoffice mail.

3. College liaisons will distribute the student of assessment instruction header sheet forms, labels, and instructions to the chairpersons of the department, along with the deadlines for the forms.

4. The administration of the assessment is the responsibility of the chairperson of the department/program. Chairpersons may assign a staff member to administer the instrument.

5. For courses with multiple instructors, a separate course evaluation will be administered for each instructor for that particular course. Please note, a separate header sheet will be provided for each instructor. These forms must be kept separately in the original envelope with their appropriate header sheets.

6. The assessments will be administered during the last three weeks of scheduled instruction for the Spring and Fall. For Summer terms, it will be administered during the last two weeks of scheduled instruction (not during final examination period or at the beginning of a class when an examination has been scheduled).

7. The students should write the course prefix, number, section, and instructor’s name at the upper right-hand corner of the student assessment of instruction form; however they should not code (bubble in) this information in the space provided in the current form. The instructor should clearly write this information on the classroom board for students to see. The course assessment header sheet will be used to provide the appropriate key information and it will be used in the scanning process to ensure that all the student assessment of instruction forms are recorded for the appropriate course and faculty member.

8. The instructor should not be present in the class while the assessment of instruction form is being administered.

9. The assessment header sheet along with the complete assessment forms must be returned in the labeled envelope to the originating department.

10. Departments must verify that the course assessment header sheet corresponds to the enclosed forms before the assessment packets are forwarded to the college liaison. Please remove any blank forms and ensure that the course assessment header sheet is the top page of the packet before further processing takes place.

11. College liaisons will verify that all course assessment packets have been returned for each course being assessed.

12. The Dean’s office will verify that all assessments have been completed and the course packets are ready for scanning before submitting them to UTS-OPERATIONS, PC 436C. Please note that all student assessment of instruction form packets must remain in their original envelopes. Departments will then pick-up their evaluations directly from UTS-OPERATIONS, PC 436C. DO NOT STAPLE, BEND, FOLD, OR TEAR ASSESSMENT SHEETS.

13. The Dean’s office will either keep the original scanned form packets or return them to their respective departments.

14. The student assessment of instruction results will be compiled and distributed as soon as possible after the term is over according to the Chancellor’s Memorandum requirements.

15. Analysis and Information Management staff will generate the semester’s electronic detail report and distribute the results to the respective college liaison. A summary data report with the eight mandated State University System questions will also be available on the Analysis and Information Management (AIM) web site.

16. The summary results include the following:

  • A summary report with the original eight questions as per the Chancellor’s Memorandum formatted with only the percentage of responses, will be made available on the Office of Institutional Research web page http://opir.fiu.edu/faculty-evaluations.htm.
  • A detailed report reflecting all questions will be made available through our SharePoint site for college liaisons to retrieve. This report contains the count per response and the percentage of the response
  • A detailed report of all open ended questions will be made available through our SharePoint site for the college liaisons.

Online evaluations:

The aforementioned assessment criteria apply to the online evaluations with the exception of the assessment date.

  • The online evaluations will open three weeks prior to the reported PantherSoft course end date for the Spring and Fall semesters and two weeks prior for the Summer semesters
  • The online evaluations will close on the reported PantherSoft course end date, at 11:59:59PM
  • If faculty members allow their students to complete their evaluations during their class-time, the faculty member must not be present in the room

If you have any further questions regarding the policy, please contact your college liaison. If you are unsure as to whom your college liaison is, please see the list found on the faculty evaluations main page, opir.fiu.edu, under "College Liaison".

Retrieving tabulated reports:

Please contact your college liaison when attempting to retrieve current and past evaluations. All liaisons have been granted access to our SharePoint site which houses all course evaluation reports beginning from AY 2006-07. Please keep in mind that the reports will only reflect data which was submitted for processing and those that did not generate errors.

* Due to security measures and data confidentiality, all college/department liaisons must be regular full-time university employees (e.g., USPS, A&P and/or Faculty). Staff members classified as anything other than those previously mentioned will not be eligible for appointment.